What We Do

Eats is Blacksburg’s premier natural foods store. We offer a wide selection of organic, natural and gourmet foods, both local and from around the world; organic produce, gluten free foods, cheeses, culinary herbs and spices, wine and beer brewing supplies, household products, supplements, and body care products.

At Eats, we have customers from all over the country and world, tell us that we have one of the finest selections of natural and organic products anywhere, and at the lowest prices too!  We go to great lengths to source the best products on the market and to get them at the lowest price possible, so that we can pass those savings on to our customers.  We have a staff of creative people dedicated to sustainability who work hard to keep new, fun, and interesting products on the shelves, with the top priority always being pure ingredients.  We check ingredients on all products before ordering and have strict standards for what we will bring into the store.  You will never find anything at Eats that includes hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial preservatives and colors.

At Eats we try to have local foods and goods available when we can.  We currently stock local eggs, organic produce, roasted coffee, cheese, soaps, aprons, honey (when available), breads, and much more.  If you have something that you produce that you think would fit into our store, let us know.  We are always open to looking into new products produced locally.

We are always open to customer requests, so let us know if there is anything you can’t find at Eats, and we will check it out.