Hello Eats Community, 

Please forgive the state of our website, we are in the process of getting you all the most up to date information about the store and our services in the midst of the COVID Pandemic. Please continue to be patient with us as we work to keep our community healthy and flourishing. Thank you for your continued support for your neighborly grocery store.

We will provide a way to get groceries 7 days a week however, customer access to the store is changed. We encourage customers to consider online/email order, however we recognize this is not necessarily possible.


  1. Shop earlier in the day to help limit the number of customers in the store. Doors will be locked for customers to wait outside when we are at capacity.
  2. Plan what you will need for 2 weeks worth of groceries at a time.
  3. Sanitize hands and wear a pair of gloves (available at the front of the store).
  4. Maintain a 6ft distance from others as much as possible.
  5. Our bulk section is closed to customer use during in-store hours. Please have a list prepared (or make one in the store) to give to an employee who can retrieve your bulk items.
  6.  Shop as quickly and efficiently as you can.
  7. Please maintain patience and understanding with the staff at Eats. It is a tough transition for us all and we are doing our best to continue to provide essential goods and services while maintaining everyone’s health and safety.

For more information about updates to store hours and sanitization see Important COVID Updates. For a guide to email orders please see Placing Orders for Curbside/Delivery

The most up to date schedule is below:

Eats Schedule (Updated 4/2/20)