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Here at Eats we are positively passionate about our organic produce and local farmers! We are committed to find and provide the very best quality organic fruits and vegetables available top our community. All our growers must meet the strict standards required to be certified organic.

From early spring to late fall we proudly carry as much locally grown produce as our local farms can provide. These New River farms include:

Greenstar Farm

Stonecrop Farm

Waterbear Mountain Farm

Riverstone Farm

Visit their websites for information about where your food comes from!

Everyday we offer a bountiful array of seasonal organic produce – everything organic from apples to zucchini. See our facebook page here for the most up to date photos of our produce. We publish new photos MWF.


Eats carries over a hundred cheeses from around the world –AND from just around the corner. We feature cheese made from cow, sheep, and goat milk with tastes for most any palate. Plus, we rotate our samples regularly so you can find a new favorite today!

 We are happy to provide custom cuts of cheese between 10am and 6:30pm. We offer suggestions for cheeses suitable for your next event. Our weekly ordering gives us the flexibility to work with customer requests for new selections and offer very competitive prices. Please browse our EURO-USA Product Catalog and give us a call to make a customer request or inquire about any of our cheeses.

Refrigerated Items

Frozen Goods

Humanely Raised and Organic Meat

Due to customer demand, we have decided to reevaluate the meat selection at EATS. These new standards include, all meat must be USDA Organic or raised without use of antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals. All animals must be humanely treated, pasture-finished (no feedlots) and raised on a free-range farm. All fish is wild-caught and sustainably harvested with 3rd party certification. You may notice that some products have been replaced or discontinued, this is because we have found them to be incompatible with these standards. We wish to provide our customers with healthy protein sources by supporting farmers with strong values in animal husbandry.

If you wish to learn more about the farms and farmers whose products we are currently carrying, please ask to see our Eats Meats binder!

Fresh Baked Goods

We get fresh baked goods like Sourdough, Rye, Bagels, Cookies and Macaroons from several local artisans. See the local bakeries that we feature below:

Big Indian Artisan Bakery delivers Monday and Friday. See their website here for details about the farm and the breads they sell.

Under the Green Umbrella – brings fresh sweet treats to Eats each week after market including gluten free options. See their baked goods on their website Let the Love Grow Under the Green Umbrella.

Bollos Cafe and Bakery offers sandwiches, salads, bread, baked treats and bagels. Plus they offer some gltuen-free options! See their website here for details about their cafe and bakery.

Blacksburg Bagel provides fresh baked bagels each Monday. Read about their bagels, ingrdients, and history on their website here.


Our Grab&Go section features items from our local bakeries like sandwiches and salads, as well as, fresh cut cheese bites, chips and other easy snack foods. See our facebook page here for the most up to date photos of our Grab&Go. We publish new photos MWF.

Tea Beast Kombucha

Tea Beast Kombucha is made from fruit and herbs grown locally at their farm Den Hill Permaculture. Each flavor is blended with delicious organic teas and spices! Check in when you come to shop to see the flavors as they rotate through.

We have just started a Jar Exchange to ensure you can continue to get delicious local kombucha with less waste!

Beer and Wine Supplies