COVID-19 December Update
This pandemic has thrown many curveballs at us throughout the year, but we continue to research factual information, reach out to experts like the VDH and CDC, and put customer and staff safety at the forefront of each of our decisions. As cases around the country are increasing and the governor has issued further guidelines and restrictions for businesses, we are responding to keep the store a safe shopping space.

The latest information about the spread of COVID-19 indicates a minimal risk of transmission through surface contact compared to the high risks from exposure to respiratory droplets or through airborne transmission. Therefore, it is important we do all we can to minimize the exchange of air droplets between customers and staff. We are committed to helping make your shopping time quicker, enforcing properly worn face coverings, and keeping the recommended 6 feet of physical distance (take notice of our new floor decals). 

We made the decision to safely re-open our bulk areas to help you get your shopping done more quickly by not having to make lists, find an employee to fill your bulk, and wait for the fill to be completed. We still encourage you to submit large bulk orders online the day before you plan to shop, and we will have it filled and ready for you when you get here. This expedites your time in the store and alleviates congestion around the bulk area. Be aware that we have rearranged to put more bulk items in gravity bins; please ask if you need help finding something.

We will continue to do all we can to keep Eats a safe place for you to shop: 

  • Frequently sanitizing common surfaces
  • Sanitizing carts and baskets between each use
  • Providing numerous hand sanitization stations throughout the store
  • Requiring all staff and customers to wear face coverings properly
  • Offering curb-side and delivery options for those who are safer at home or can’t comply with the face covering mandate

Please work with us to keep each other well: wash hands frequently, wear face coverings when out of your house, keep 6 feet of physical distance, and stay home if you or anyone in your family are sick, having any symptoms, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

The spices, teas, and supplemental herbs section is also open!

We love that Eats is a great place to run into and connect with friends and neighbors, but please keep conversations inside the store to a minimum and try to make your shopping efficient and quick until we get to a safer time in this pandemic. It’s worth repeating time and again that we are all in this together, and we are grateful for you, our amazing customers, who have stood by us through all these challenges!

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