Eats Newsletter October 2020

Did you know that October is Non-GMO and Fair Trade month? These are important attributes for the companies and products we stock in our store. We try to carry many different options and price levels of products, but when making that final decision these seals hold weight with our buyers.

The Non-GMO Verified seal means that a product has been tested for Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO’s are organisms that have been modified in a lab to combine genetic material of plant, animal, virus, or bacteria that would not naturally be found together. A few of the most commonly found GMO products in our food industry are corn, soybeans, potatoes and canola. The Non-GMO Verified seal means that the product has been independently verified to meet the strict guidelines set forth in this standard. One point of confusion for many people is non-GMO versus organic. First, organic programs are government run where as the Non-GMO Project is a non-profit program. Government standards do require non-GMO be used in organic production, however there is not regular testing for GMO contamination as there is with Non-GMO Verified. For these reasons, you will notice many products bearing both seals.

Fair Trade certification is another important factor in deciding what products we bring into Eats. Fair trade empowers those in developing nations to have more control over their lives and futures. It also protects vulnerable groups such as women and children from unfair labor practices found around the world. By setting higher prices for products, those doing the work are being paid a fair wage for their labor. Fair trade addresses child labor rights and safety, gender equality, climate change, poverty, and workers’ rights. Any product bearing the Fair Trade mark meets the organizations strict standards and has been independently verified. Some of the most common products certified Fair Trade are coffee, chocolate, produce, and clothing.


One of our favorite vendors is Equal Exchange with their delicious coffees and chocolates that are both Organic and FairTrade certified.

Please check out our October sales flyer. We have some great deals this month with most things bearing one of the above seals! As consumers our purchasing decisions can benefit those around the world! It’s a great chance to try something new at a lower cost.

Buyer’s featured products for October:
Hannah – Organic India’s Tulsi Teas
Jesse – Navitas Organic FairTrade Non-GMO Verified Cacao Powder
Stephanie – Dr.Bronners 32oz Non-GMO Verified Regenerative Organic Castile Soaps
Andrea – Three Trees Organic Non-GMO Verified Almond Milk

Be sure to check out our endcaps and promo shelf that change on a regular basis.
PLEASE let us know if you find a new item you can’t live without.
We want to stock what you love!
We cannot thank you enough for your continued support during this difficult time. We truly appreciate our in-store customers who have so generously forgone their discounts. Not to mention how supportive curbside and delivery customers have been with forgoing discounts as we attempt to make these critical services more sustainable for our small store. We continue to strive for Eats to be your safest place to shop as well as providing necessary services for our customers who are in the safer-at-home designation.

Thank you and enjoy the beautiful Autumn leaves!

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